Mocole Mold is an ISO 9001 certified, privately owned company specializing in manufacturing high-quality plastic injection moulds and injection moulded products for the international market. With a complete in-house service from mould design through to testing, we are your premier choice from a Chinese mould makers.Mocole Mold gives you the benefits of lower cost coupled with the high engineering and production standards expected in the European and North American injection moulding industry.With our innovative, dedicated and experienced team, we can provide the tools, products and solutions that you expect from your mould maker.  

Plastic Injection Molding

Mocole has a production and warehousing facility larger than 500 square meters with 12 injection molding machines ranging up to 450 tons.Mocole Injection Molding Department provides for the production of custom injection molded plastic parts serving a wide range of industries...

Custom Tooling

Designing molds for manufacturability ensures our customers receive tooling that consistently produces high quality parts, always meeting their highest expectations. Our expertise in mold construction enables us to provide our customers with tools designed for maximum production efficiency.

Quality and Support

Strict & accurate quality control in each manufacturing process is the key point to reach customer quality expectations.Every manufactuing contract receives it's own production launch team.This assures that each project is delivered with accuracy, within quality guidelines, and on time.

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